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How AutoCAD Could Benefit You

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

If you are trying to design a product and you already have a specific look in mind then you will want to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure that it looks great at the end of the day. Obviously, this is easier said than done but there are steps that you can take to ensure that your product is everything that you want it to be and in half the time required. CAD, or AutoCAD is a prime example of thi because it helps you to design a 3D representation of what you have in mind. You can then use this representation to scale your design as well as looking out for any design flaws that might be present.

If you are improving on an existing product then you can use AutoCAD to eliminate any issues that you already know about and it is a great way for you to get the confidence you need about your design before you go to the manufacturing process. AutoCAD isn't just about the design though, because it also lets you choose the colour and any other features that you might have in mind.

So as you can see, AutoCAD software really can benefit you and if you don't know how to use it then there are plenty of professionals out there who can help you to find what you need and in half the time it would take you normally.

HingePoint AutoCad Consulting and Development Services

HingePoint is a consulting and development firm based out of Dallas, Texas providing results based AutoCad systems consulting, development and integration services to clients across the globe with specific focus on the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry .

Learning Revit: What Is A Revit Family?

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Learning Revit can be difficult and this is especially the case when you don't know or understand a lot of the terms that are used. A Revit family, or Revit families are very easy to explain and you will first see this when you go to open a new file. Families are used to create various components. This could be a model, a window, some stairs or even a door. Each family will also come in many different types as well, such as parameter variables, materials, sizes and more. When you change the type of window that you have in one section then all of the other windows that are of this same type will change as well and there are even predefined families available if you want to keep things simple. If you are experienced with Revit however then you will notice that you can go ahead and create your own Revit families from scratch so this is great if you want to ensure the best possible result based on your initial design. 

You can create your existing family by selecting a model in your project or you can simply go ahead and click on the "Edit Family" button that is normally found in your tool bar. It is also possible for you to download families online and there are so many resources available for you to choose from. At this point, you can download new families and you can also bring them into the project. Once you know how to access the panel, this is all done in the Revit website content library and it is very easy to do.

So as you can see, learning Revit has never been easier and there has never been a better time for you to learn more about Revit families.

Top Reasons Why You Should Download Autodesk Inventor Fusion

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 1:55 PM

3D modeling is a great way for you to understand the product you are creating without using any physical materials. Of course, 3D modeling is a fine art so if you have no experience at all then you really would be better off hiring someone to come and do it for you but either way, there are many benefits to using this 3D modeling software and some of them can be found below:

 Parametric Editing

A lot of CAD programs are only surface modelers or they just allow you to draw in 3D rather than model. Autodesk comes with parametric tools that give you the chance to create any parent components that you want while also changing it into a child. If you had 12 plates on your product and you found out that they would need to be smaller for some reason then you can use Parametric editing to change one plate as well as making sure that the other 11 plates are all changed instantly. In other programs, you would need to do this one at a time.

As you can see, you can certainly benefit from downloading Autodesk and even Autodesk Inventor Fusion and it is one of the best CAD 3D modeling programs on the market at the moment, so why don't you give it a go for yourself today? If you don't have any experience, simply contact a AutoCAD consulting professional.